Newsweek: Pastor Ed Litton Compared to Nixon as Plagiarism Battle Rages in Southern Baptist Convention – Daniel Whyte III Is Calling on Liberal, Moderate, and Conservative Baptist Pastors to Rise Up and Call for Litton’s Resignation Today. Stop the Bleeding, Because This Is Going to Drag Christ, Other Evangelical Christians and the Southern Baptist Convention Through the Mud for Weeks and Months. Even Lost People in America Don’t Want a Southern Baptist Convention President Who Is a Plagiarist, or Worse a Stooge or a Puppet Used by Somebody Else and Told What to Say by Other People

Pastor Ed Litton, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, has been under fire recently after being accused of plagiarism involving his sermons for the Redemption Church in Mobile, Alabama.

Newsweek had found earlier this week that over140 videos were either unavailable or hidden across several playlists on the Redemption Church YouTube page—after allegations that he was plagiarizing sermons by pastor J.D. Greear began to spread.

Litton, who was elected president of the SBC in June, has seen significant backlash for his statements regarding the controversy, including being subjected to a visual comparison of himself and former President Richard Nixon.

In an article published Saturday by the Capstone Report on Litton’s apologies and statements regarding the issue, a visual GIF of Nixon with a flashing caption that reads “I am not a crook” is at the forefront of the story.

The article itself criticized the Alabama pastor’s interview with SBC This Week, the SBC’s official podcast, in which Litton defended his actions.

“Our elders and leaders made the decision to take down [the sermons] because they felt that people were going in and pulling things out, they believe, of context,” Litton said. “And so, to protect the church, the wellbeing of the church and their pastor, they said we are pulling these down.”

Litton had been accused of plagiarizing sermons written by Greear from 2019. In some of Greear’s sermons, according to the Capstone Report, Litton had allegedly copied word for word without giving any proper credit.

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Source: Newsweek, Emma Mayer